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October 14 2013


May 12 2013



Around 1964 Tradition began publishing a groundbreaking, prestigious magazine on military uniforms, which went under the title Tradition and following the success of the magazine, the model soldier range and their shop were similarly named. 

Many leading military authors and artists, past and present, were at the time contributors to Tradition magazine, which ceased publication in 1974. Fortunately, a number of past issues of this famous magazine are still available. 

Each issue contains many articles on military uniforms and related subjects, fully illustrated in black and white and colour.
niforms of the Household Cavalry
Inspection Report
An Introduction to Napoleonic War Games
Prussian and Bavarian General Officers
Dress of the French Army during the Waterloo Campaign
Uniforms of the Royal Fuzileers
A Forgotten but Colourful War
Landscape Modelling
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